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Searles Valley Historical Society - Indian Wells Valley ...

In the Trona Plant, Kerr-McGee ends soda ash production and expands sodium sulfate production. 1982 In the Trona Plant Kerr-McGee Chemical Corporation shuts down half the potash, half the borax, and all of the sodium sulfate production, as well as all of the gas fired boilers.

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The Saga of John W . Searles | Trona History

This plant was the real beginning of the present Trona. Production of salts from the brine by the American Trona company, and its successor, the American Potash and Chemical corporation, has been continuous since that time. The variety of the uses for Trona products seems to .

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Touring Trona, California - YouTube

Feb 22, 2019 · Trona, California is a small town 25 miles east of Ridgecrest, which is 170 miles north of Los Angeles. It was sprang up around a chemical processing plant that was built on the north end of ...

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Barstow/Trona – San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department

Trona is Community Oriented Policing in action. The deputies are involved in the many community events that occur throughout the year. The Searles Valley is one of the richest deposits of minerals in the world and home to one of the largest taxpayers in the county (IMC Chemical) that runs three large industrial chemical plants.

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Tiny desert community of Trona hopes to rise from the ...

Oct 24, 2015 · 1996 – North American Chemical Company shuts down all potash and borax production at the Trona Plant, bringing to an end the 81-year history of recovering potash from Searles Lake brines.

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Working with us - tatachemicals

People come first at Tata Chemicals North America (TCNA), formerly known as General Chemical Industrial Products. TCNA is a part of Tata Chemicals (TCL), which belongs to the global Tata group and is one of the world's leading chemicals companies, with a widespread portfolio of products, industrial chemicals and agricultural inputs.

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The Trona Industry in Sweetwater County | Green River, WY

Curr ent Trona Industry. The current trona industry had its beginning in Sweetwater County in 1938 during oil and gas explorations. The first mine shaft was excavated in 1946. Since that initial discovery, several mines and processing plants have been operating in the area, along with a baking soda plant. Major Area Employers

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Trona - photo taken from West End | MY MOJAVE DESERT ...

At 100 years old, the severely rural desert town of Trona, CA, is dying. It is a dystopian Emerald City on the shore of a dry lake 'at the end of the world. Mojave towns come and go, often when the mine plays out. Trona celebrates its hundredth year, a tenacious citizenry unflinching in the face of adversity.

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Trona – Murder House? | API Reloaded

Mar 18, 2019 · It bad enough that it was the inspiration for the movie Toxic Crusaders. That is because it is next to a salt crystal lake that is dredged for a chemical plant. It's even more historically significant: Trona is the closest establishment to the Panamint Range where Charlie Manson lived.

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To Trona, Calif., residents, that awful smell spells ...

May 16, 2013 · That eau de Trona smell has the same source as the money: the dry lake, chock full of decayed organic matter and a chemical feast for Kerr-McGee Corp., by far the biggest provider in this blue collar town. The nearest "big" town is Ridgecrest, population 25,000, 25 miles away. Los Angeles is 200 miles to the southwest.

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Trona, San Bernardino County, California - Wikipedia

Trona is an unincorporated community in San Bernardino County, California.In 2015 it had a population of approximately 1,900. Trona is at the western edge of Searles Lake, a dry lake bed in Searles Valley, southwest of Death Valley.The town takes its name from the mineral trona, abundant in the lakebed.It is about 170 miles (274 km) northeast of Los Angeles, on State Route 178.

OCI Peroxygens LLC - A leader in the industry of sodium ...

Since the opening of our Alabama Sodium Percarbonate facility in 2001, OCI Peroxygens has safely produced high-quality, environmentally-friendly products. Our legacy continues as we strive to be the safest, most efficient provider of inorganic chemical solutions.

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The Trona Plant presently produces boric acid using an award winning solvent extraction/evaporation process. Primary borax from the Westend Plant is also refined into anhydrous borax and decahydrate borax. The Westend Plant is the second oldest operating chemical plant, starting operation in 1925 with the production of soda ash and borax.

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Plant Operations | Genesis Alkali

Caustic Plant. Chemical grade caustic soda is the primary product of the caustic process (also known as sodium hydroxide, caustic, and lye). Caustic soda is a versatile chemical used in manufacturing processes as well as in cleaners, pulp and paper products, oil production and refining, aluminum, food processing, bleach, water treatment, and ...

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About Us – Ciner

Founded in 2015, Ciner (pronounced 'jin-ner') Resources Corporation is one of the leading low cost suppliers of natural soda ash. Our facility in Green River, Wyoming has been producing high-quality, environmentally-friendly soda ash and distributing it around the world since 1962.

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Genesis Alkali

Genesis Alkali ships approximately 40,000 railcars and 5,000 truck orders of trona each year. And we do it all more efficiently and economically, on a delivered basis, than synthetic competitors anywhere in the world. Genesis Alkali has its corporate offices in Philadelphia. Demand for soda ash is .

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Wyoming | Solvay

The site is a mining, refining and chemical manufacturing facility. The primary raw material for the Green River facility is sodium sesquicarbonate, which is commonly referred to as trona. The trona is mined at the plant site from an ore bed located 1500 feet below the surface. The facility made its first product, soda ash, in May of 1982.

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Forgotten Destinations: Visiting Trona

Trona is home to the Trona Pinnacles National Monument, Searles Valley Minerals and The Gem-O-Rama Mineral Show. You know that you are approaching Trona when you feel this disgusting rotten egg smell. Don't worry, thought, it's just a smell of chemical plants and from what i was able to tell the smell does not stick to your clothing.

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General Chemical Corp. Trona Mine and Plant (MRDS ...

General Chemical Corp. Trona Mine and Plant: Alternate or previous names: General Chemical Corp. Mine, Green River Facility (General Chemical), Green River Allied Mine, General Chemical Green River Facility, Alchem Trona Mine, Allied Trona, Allied Chemical Corp. Mine, Tata Chemicals North America (formerly General Chemical Industrial Products Inc.)

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Tronox buys FMC Corp. trona mine in Green River for $1.6B ...

Trona is used to make soda ash, a key ingredient in products like glass and fiberglass. Tronox is a producer of titanium dioxide, a chemical that helps give paint its color.

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